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what it’s worth


Oh, traveler,
the treasure is not far away.
Oh, merchant,
the pearl is in your pocket.
How much of your life is attic junk?
Escape the trinkets that have been hoarding you.
What you can hold isn’t worth grasping.
What you can possess won’t last beyond the sale.
Don’t seek what you don’t already have.
Don’t covet what can be taken from you.
What you can’t hold in a breath
isn’t worth it.
Breathe in.
Sell all your treasures for that.
Once you’ve seen it shine,
it will surprise you what you’ll let go of for it.
Throw your arms around this world.
Buy the field of this whole grand life,
its weeds and rocks, its pains and mysteries,
all of yourself.
Look! Right now,
you are rich beyond belief.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light


death birth
allowing giving
near far
smiles tears
sorrow loss
joy road
here now
sober drunk
truth lies
alone connected
miles apart oh so close
walking running
climbing free falling
gentle tough
sassy sad
sunshine rain
asking receiving
arriving leaving


Robin OK
Laugh and Dream Creative Coaching


So many years ago
I stepped out in faith.
So sure of myself.
I left the nest of realized abuse, yet my known safety.
Jumped without the proverbial net in place.
Not knowing anything, yet thinking I knew it all.
I carried a backpack full of myself.
Overflowing with all I thought I knew!
I refused to settle for less than God –
Not knowing what that meant, or would mean.

Here am I, Lord, send me, I prayed.
I’m all ready to be sent into new and exotic places.
I was so sure I was ready to set the world right.
I’m willing. 
I’m ready…I said over and over,
Where will You send me?

Then I was sent to my own heart’s door,
which I found to be the darkest place on earth or heaven.
I arrived at the empty ocean’s shore to learn my song in silence from the waves, from the birds.
I walked, pilgrim, in never ending spirals returning, over and over, to the places I had loved and lost the most.
The places of my deepest disappointments, illusions, grief and anger.

All the things I had declared myself so ready to deliver into the world at large
I found myself not at all prepared to give to my own heart.

In those full circle moments of chaos and war within,
in the ghetto of my own being,
I plunged into the place where You have always been
waiting to be found
waiting to love
waiting to speak
waiting to take me home
to the place where I return to abide
from there to softly pour myself out
as voice
as song
as love

Amy Lloyd

‘I Am’ menu photo by Michelle Weir / other images found at pinterest


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