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everybody i know

what does fear gain us? 

what’s the upside of our refusal to let go?

why was before so much better than now? 

does letting go mean we’ll just sit down…

stay here forever…

in misery…

in this less than glamorous corner we find ourselves in?


everybody I know lives on the edge of a page

turning softly as the answers 

arrive on the wind

clearing the cloud obscured vision

of our wandering wondering 


everybody I know lives on the rocks of an active volcano 

hanging onto the burning questions 

waiting for the miles to find the nightingale’s broken-hearted love song


 sometimes we say things we don’t mean to help us get through this hard moment we stand in

sometimes we truly think we mean these fine words declared so fervently 

the heart given so freely

while in bondage to another

until we step into a new chapter and find those words were just our wish to believe 

a desperate plea of hoping to find love is still alive

let us hope to find grace when we are the givers and the takers of these gifts 


the flamingo shakes her tail feathers 

The grackle’s shadow invades our dreams 

We keep meeting our own colors in every one of these beauteous spirals 

messages left in each dropped exquisite feather on our pathway

patience is a virtue very few are rich enough to pay the humble price to gain

hearts are very fragile when allowed to keep breaking 
    “Imagine the world of our voices sing out the Sterling news” 

       – m.e.
Imagine all the people living in light and love within themselves

Imagine what a changed world that would be

what if we were no longer afraid of light shining within us

what if it no longer matters if we live in the now of ourselves

what if we look at the larger question of ‘oughtness’ 

What then? 

My God, what happens then?? 


Amy Lloyd (AL) 

Miguel Escobar (m.e.)

Photo by Rob Curtis

Photo by David Kammerer

Photo via Miguel Escobar

Start with your own body,

the small bones of the hands

moving toward the inlets of the fingers.
Wanting it too much invites haste.

You must love what is raw

and hungered for.
Think of the crab cake as the ending,

as you till away at the meat, digging for

errant shells and jagged edges.
Always, it’s a matter of guesswork

but you hold it together

by the simplest of ingredients,
for this is how the body learns to be generous,

to forgive the flaws inherited

and enjoy what lies ahead.
Yet you never quite know

when it happens,

the moment when the lumps
transcend egg and breadcrumbs,

the quiver of oil in a hot pan,

to become unworldly:
the manifold of pleasure

with the sweet ache of crab

still bright on your tongue.


How to Make a Crab Cake by January Gill O’Neill

Found on pinterest

Found on pinterest

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