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swing low sweetness

Breaking News from the hammock…calorie free yet full of all the good fat you will ever need!
There’s a low grade argument happening between the soft wind playing in the treetops

and the warm, humid air that keeps returning the slow bees to the leggy lilac hanging out beside me

buttery-yellow butterfly’s silently flutter against the myriad of greens 

the drone of the low flying planes in the misty white sky are the only indicator 

that people are going places without me

I hang in my rope bed moving with the rhythm the summer Saturday flow

cats and dogs reassure me 

I am not alone in the world 

I can almost hear the tomatoes growing in the neighbors garden 

as the first fruits of lettuce 

(complete with the delightful thought of multiple bugs hang out…

reminding me, we all share in this vast abundance)

come to my hanging throne

from the nice man weeding in his panama hat

it feels like an offering, or a reward,

for my work of hanging around so well

a flash of blue jay lands near 

then he flashes on to the fence to catch up with a friend

flow-er petals let go into the graceful dance of death

hawks float with impressive wingspans 

naturally floating shadows throwing quick roving shade 

pictures of surrender stay with me as I close my eyes

the cock crows over and over in the distance 

It’s here I know all that is true

My life’s greatest work 

is simply to notice, to bow and to say, 

Thank you


AL 7/1/17

go slow in the summer,

water the annuals in the dark.

find the line in the sky with the stars

and count them. 
point your finger to the clouds,

raise your glass to the moon,

say a pray while sweeping the patio,

bless the mailman as he delivers the letter…

that connects the states

that reminds you of childhood,

that anticipates the arrival

that prepares the heart,

for the union of friendship
go slow in the summer

pick just the right watermelon

and the soda with the bubbles,

the jar of pickles with the spears

and the bag of peaches from the back of the truck

in the parking lot…
go slow in the summer

when you walk the puppy in the park,

put the grandchildren onto a swing,

push the bicycle up a hill

flag down the ice-cream truck as it comes around the corner
go slow in the summer

watch the rose unfold,

write with pen and ink from a bottle,

find a stamp with a heart that you love.

Rev. Donna Knutson


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