life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

getting to know me, myself & I  

Spending time with myself

a day apart


 (sort of….I’m never really alone)

I sing my soul

I confront my blocks

I challenge my status quo

I confront my ambivalence 

I shake the foundations of my acceptance

I shatter long shadows of my shame

I resolve erroneous stories 

I let go of my need to stay the same

I enter my griefs 

I accept my feelings

I forgive my failures

I write my treasures

I talk to my people

I connect with the world beyond my knowledge 

I laugh…just because

I move into new freedom

I express my thanks

I smile and smile because of you

the sheer ecstasy that you are my friend (humming a little tune here)

Then I keep letting you go and letting you go

I destroy expectations 

I combust my wanting

I celebrate my freedom 

I explore how it will feel to have a structure

my structure

a home of my own

that important moment

I delve into my desire for a circle of true accountability 

I call into being this right time for like minded friendships

responsibility in its highest and best format

I rise to meet my new 

I give away my longing for the familiar

I slash the tires of my comfort zone

I conjure magic 

all kinds of magic

I walk into this new room 

the theatre of my making

hung with velvet curtains

the colors are mystic and navy blue

I am ready

I am willing 

to bear this new badge

of courage

to assume the custom role 

only I can fill

to step into these shoes…

designed just for me…

I love new shoes…(happy sigh)

central player of this fabulous life 

I’ve been given

for this very time and place

I walk center stage

content with my integrity

proud of my accomplishments

prouder still of my strength of doing right

doing the hard things

of my open heart

my truth-filled speaking

which, sometimes,

brings silence to the room

I have done the work

I am prepared to preform 

my calling is sure

leaving everything else far behind me

I saddle up

I put my game face on (Michael Phelps Style)

grace drips down my back

puddling around my feet

love clouds surround my going

like dust clouds of glory 

keeping pace with my steps (Pigpen shout out)

I acknowledge the truth

I didn’t want to be here

hopes illusion lay dead 

I didn’t know how I could go on

I challenged my very existence 

I refused to save myself (I acknowledge my own sheer foolish audacity and ruthless trusting of Love)

and in doing so

I, somehow, saved myself

arose on the wings of the glorious morning

I bow to your wisdom

I thank you for this moment

this day of acknowledgement 

this touch

this state of being just so

this satisfaction of discord 

this testimony of salvation

this pilgrimage of miracle

this pathway of true glory

this victory of faith  

this resolution of the awkward 

this life of waterfall grace

the lighting bolts of my own thoughts

the thundering intensity of my own worded quotes

hanging chad of my living

scale of justice balancing in my favor

karma smiles at this boomerang harvest of goodness

this resurrection of Phoenix

 rising and rising (there should be birdsong here)

this burning bush of unrelenting passion

all this is

just me myself 

burning away

stripping away

chipping away

throwing away

breaking away

continual discovery






All is well (shhh…do you hear the fireworks here?)


Amy Lloyd (AL)


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