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I invite everyone to choose forgiveness rather than division, teamwork over personal ambition.- Jean-Francois Cope  

We never know who we are

( this is strange , isn’t it?)
or what vows we made

or who we knew
or what we hoped for

or where we were
when the world’s dreams

were seeded.
Until the day just one of us

sighs a gentle longing

and we all feel the change.
One of us calls a name

and we all know to be there.
One of us tells a dream

and we all breathe life into it.
One of us asks “why?”

and we all know the answer.
It is very strange

We never know who we are.


We never know who we are by Margaret Wheatley

I’m not perfect

Far far from it

Im so far from perfect

It’s really not necessary 

for me to make that announcement 
You’re not perfect either

I’m not holding either 

Of us to that standard

That comes with way to high 

A price to pay 
I’m human 

So are you

no real surprise

I embrace our humanity

And the delicate balance

Of our chemistry of imperfection

Wrapped in choices
Choices move us in one direction 

or another

In one direction is the path 

which brings peace love joy



Blossoming, flowering with joy
The other path is where lives 

greed lust ego

emptiness that destroys peace 



Stealing the joy from our living
Our very humanity 

The quality of our living 

hangs in the balance of our choices

The choices are never completely one direction,

we roam the depths of both paths,

always becoming more,



new pieces of ourselves. 
It’s all important,

it’s also important to know, for sure, what we want our lives to be about,

in order not to end up stuck in a life we don’t want. 
Each of us have free will 

Each of us are responsible only for our own lives. 

I made my choice to continue moving towards the light,

imperfectly but steadily, 

years ago


Amy Lloyd (AL)

My birds arrive from tropics

and glaciers I can’t imagine.
My river sparkles into a distance

I’ve never seen.
Some days the volcano trembles

and all I can do is wonder.
When my Beloved finds wild animals in me

should I be alarmed or merely startled?
I thought I understood, looked

in the mirror enough to recognize me,
but now you have re-created me entirely

and I must start over. Again. 


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light


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