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I always say we learn virtue by practicing not by thinking about it. I have been silently but actively observing the world around me paying attention to the subtle details and nuances of spoken and written words and the behavior and actions or inaction that trail them. Words are as much of a communicator of truths as they are of falsehoods. Time and time again human history has taught us that actions will reveal the essence of our intention. The honest but hard work of virtue lies in action. It acts upon the merits of thoughtfulness, sound judgement based on receptivity, cooperation, observation, broad mindedness and wisdom. It transforms, expands and evolves. Truth does not crown itself king amidst the utterance of words that are used to describe it. It only upholds to its reverence when it is purposefully active as it is so in nature. It differs greatly from the action of falsehood which only acts to benefit itself in a superficial accordance to judgements that are based upon reactionary egotistical self proclaimed righteousness, which is a bizarre tendency of human behavior. It loves to boast its declarations with repetitive renditions of words from a conglomerate array of them barely even scratching the surface of thier true meaning. The depths of truth is far beyond reach for those who proclaim falsehood as Truth. It’s a masquerading of words that don’t align with its corresponding action.
Truth is multilayered, multifaceted and complexed, a sort of breeding ground for simple truths that are free flowing through life right beneath the surface of reality. It is ubiquitous as space. Yet mainstream treads through a dense cloud of a fictional existence constantly trying to figure out the meaning of life and its purpose amid illusions in a perpetual loop.


 – Lisette Hesmadt

Preach it, teach it…wear it like a robe…

Breathe it, sniff it…take it to the road…

Hold it, form it…release, than sigh…

Belt it out…whisper it ….murmur the sound…

No silence, but stillness…

Find the paradoxes, hold the tension…

Walk the corridors until you miss it…and walk it again…

You are not mystic, nor healer…until your fear is all gone…

Baptize it, drown it…rise from the dead…

Then burn and burn…

Donna Knutson

Have you seen

Have you truly seen

the snow 

the stars 

the felt steps of the breeze
Have you touched

really have you touched

the plate 

the bread 

the face of that woman you love

so much
Have you lived

like a blow to the head

the flash 

the gasp 

the fall 

the flight
Have you known

known in every pore of your skin

how your eyes 

your hands 

your sex 

your soft heart
must be thrown away

must be wept away

must be invented all over again


~Julio Cortazar

There is grace on ground like this

(we can say that every step we take

every day we live)

wherever we are is sacred ground

every bush we see burning holy

every rock singing glory 

every bird testament of trust

every tree drips abundance

every flower secure in extravagant love

every waterfall 

every rainbow

and moonbow

and drop of the summer rain

shimmers with promise

rocks standing firm in the faith

glittering in sunshine

we are made of stars

held together with a bit of mud

breathing the breath of the creator

made up of the very same matter as the universe

life / death our greatest gifts

the space between

will be shades of heaven 

or the darkest shades of hell

we choose our path with every decision

free will is our constant companion

choices…always choices 

our most important recognized awareness 

wake up 

guard them well

pay attention 

dance a lot

share the miracles 

strewn all along our way



Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.

   – Tony Robbins 


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