life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

she talks to trees 

each tree grows in two directions at once, into the darkness and out to the light with as many branches and roots as it needs to embody its wild desires. 


    –  John O’Donohue

Sky, embrace storm.

Let there be a stillness

around your whirlwind.
Breathe in chaos, breathe out

impossible turquoise blossoms

of transparency.
Ignite the cinders of yesterday

and burn them completely

under the andirons

of your sternum.
With a gentle sigh release

your eternal spark,

an infinitesimal diamond

dense as the wisdom congealed
on a corpse’s brow.

Intelligence without words.

Understanding without thoughts.
Today’s forecast:

sunny with rain,

and no distinction

between sorrow and joy.
Now rest in a darker silence

where opposites dance

like long-estranged lovers
renewing their marriage vows

against the advice of all

their relatives.

Fred LaMotte

Sometimes I just lean
against the nearest tree trunk
lay my hands on the rough bark 
stand heart to heart with the ones who give me clean air
in return for the exhaled breath they need from me
I rejoice in how we keep each other alive
I brush my cheek against its rough chest
and we dance for a while to the music 
of the wind through the leaves


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