life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

light & shadow

Of the light in my room:

Its mood swings,

Dark-morning glooms,

Summer ecstasies.
Spider on the wall,

Lamp burning late,

Shoes left by the bed,

I’m your humble scribe.
Dust balls, simple souls

Conferring in the corner.

The pearl earring she lost,

Still to be found.
Silence of falling snow,

Night vanishing without trace,

Only to return.

I’m your humble scribe.

Secret History by Charles Simic 

Sleep hangs in soft evening light

in the corners of the room –

like an old pair of favorite pants,

slightly baggy,

immensely comfortable,

a few worn-thru patches of natural ventilation. 

Soft, favorite, go-to pants 

for days off. 

Those ones always ready to take you anywhere in comfort,

on a day where you are

not trying to impress anybody –

just need to be the real you. 

Stripped of pretense. 

A day where dreams can change your living, 

and love songs can overflow inside

from start to finish. 

You eat dinner with friends. 

Savoring moments. 

Hoping this day of summer 

will linger long

like honey on your fingers 

after the toast is gone. 

Sweet and sticky,

clinging to everything. 

Extra goodness

for the tongues finding. 

Shadows fall. 

The day drops it’s load 

and lets go. 

Relaxing into nothingness,

eyes begin to see 

the spaces between worlds. 

Beauty fills the air,

waiting for me. 

In the quiet of the night,

I lie alone,

yet not… 

I am loved. 

Aware, as I float away,

just how magical 

a moment can be. 




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