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There Will Be Things You Do 
you won’t know why.

Maybe waiting to tie

your shoelaces

until everything else

is in place.

Could be you’ll slide

your egg yolks aside

eat every bit of bacon,

toast, whites while the forsaken

yellow orbs stare at you

from the side pocket

of your empty plate.

People will ask

why do you save

your yolks for last

and you won’t know—

won’t recall

the cousin from the south

came to visit one summer

ate his eggs so odd

your family said

stuck with you

like the way

you love to be kissed

on the back of your neck

can vaguely recollect

your mother’s kisses

after your bath

too gentle for memory.

There will be things you do

you won’t know why

like the way you look
up at the sky

when anxious or blue

it’s what your father

used to do

every family trip

when nothing else

was right

except those clouds

moving north by northwest
through the night

he showed you

what pilots knew:

factors for safe flying

are visibility

and how low

and mean the clouds are.


There Will Be Things You Do by Kim Dower


happy birthday to my dad!  


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