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I want… 

But I don’t want comfort.

I want poetry.

I want danger.

I want goodness.

I want freedom.


   – Aldous Huxley

adventures don’t always lead to a good nights sleep,

I’ve found comfy beds are somewhat a rarity 

on the road less traveled. 

there’s an occasional soft, fluffy, sweet sinking into soft sheets,

hot water. 

and though they appreciate those amenities when they come,

pilgrims don’t get used to those things. 

the gifts of adventure are many and varied –

the very best of these gifts is

folks sharing themselves,

their food and drink,

their spare beds or sofas,

their conversation and hospitality,

their inmost parts vulnerable and open,

revealed completely

in the intimacy of how they live,

as, mostly unaware, they entertain angels. 

no matter how humble,

or uncomfortable, 

or even frightening and shocking at times,

we will find people living uniquely,

creating their own version of what works for them. 

every lifestyle carries learning and vast wisdom. 

receiving these amazing gifts of hospitality are one of life’s grandest joys and lessons. 

I have found it true,

there are many things more important than physical comfort. 

some of my most cherished memories,

the most generous gifts I have ever received,








on which sleep is just a whimsical wish. 

The blessing of adventure opens all the avenues of grace,

if we are willing to 

open our minds and hearts in new ways,

then continue to explore past our need to be comfortable. 





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