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yes, please, beat again 

Nothing I have ever done or will ever do 

can separate me from 

or bring me into the heart of the Beloved.
Oh, I can distract myself from the longing 

that whispers day and night for that sacred union,

and some days I am too tired to notice 

that what I ache for is and always has been here:

. . . . right here in and at my fingertips,

in the way the breeze lifts my hair, 

the way the earth pulls me to her,

the way shared laughter makes my sides ache.
Nothing I have done or will ever do 

can make me worthy or unworthy

of being touched by the Lover’s hand and heart,

of being the Lover’s hand and heart in the world. 
Grace – the way Infinite Love 

gives Himself to us in every moment,

the way God unfurls Her tender mercy in our hearts-

is a constant invitation to say with the fullness of our being:





~Oriah Mountain Dreamer 

there is terrible beauty in every human heart 

tell me a story that will live with me forever

love always shares grace always wins

you can’t miss if you show up

pay attention…

the message is always revealed at the appointed intersection 

letting go brings the right miracle

at the right time the song playlist repeats 

crazy love flows into mystic waters slowly drips the sweetest tupelo honey

deep calling to deep

honor chooses to say yes to the best invitations

making the call brings me the messages I need to build the new bridge from the friend bench of this manna-filled moment

there is always more than enough to share

gratitude buckets fill and overflow

removing scales from blurry, tearful, kaleidoscope eyes 

as perfect peace falls into rightful place

color shards blooming into new masterpieces of never before seen glory

diamonds dance on the water

flaming beauty evolves, drives me to my knees,

shedding shoes, and fear, 

as we talk 

I lift my face to the sun and free soar 

full wing, open soul, with the gulls,

who always fly in trust, never a shadow of doubt, that they are loved to the sky 

right here, and in every tick of time,

in, and in between, every click of the second hand,

around the bend of eternity and back again

AL 1/30/16

in gratitude and honor for connecting with Liz on this beautiful morning of sun, warm and snow drifts



 photo above by Fisherman Dan @ Branford, CT



photos found at


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