life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

what about now? 


This moment 

is the house of God 

I am 


right now 

is the present moment 

I can only know intimacy 



when I stay 

right here 


be here now 

give thanks now 

see the blazing bush 

take off my shoes 

it’s all about now 

stay aware 

stay a while

live here

Love will build our home

you are welcome here



with me 

come on a my house 

come on home 

to me 




Even on a perfectly still morning,

nothing moving,

trees frozen into the ground,

sky frozen to itself,

still, (how is this?)

here you are,

burgeoning into being,

the roaring sun

silent between the trees,

(everyone I meet, your blossoming!)

what is only just becoming

humming in becoming,

(the more still I am

the more vibrant it is)

everything thrumming with you

and the silence of your delight,

your anticipation

of what even you, 

even now, 

are just discovering,

—oh look!—

just becoming. 


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light

photos found at 


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