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In My Dreams

I am blown away. Simply no words to describ my joy and proudness…❤️

Barbara's poetintrainingblog

By Barbara Endel

In my dreams I am fishing with my father.

A tap on the door at dawn and the smell of coffee, eggs, and toast in the air.

He and I load the poles and the coffee thermos silently.  That old coffee thermos that has held about a million gallons of coffee.

The buzz from the motor and the smell of boat oil linger as if it was yesterday.

The boat emerges from the fog like a sun ray through the clouds; we are the only ones out this chilly, foggy morning, making it even more special.

The easy banter.

The bets about catching the first fish.

We glide to our favorite fishing spot and anchor the boat.

I ask for his advice about depth; like I have asked for advice all my life

My bobber hits the water like it has a thousand times.

I watch the…

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