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 You could pray for 1,000 nights, visualize for 1,000 days, and give thanks for 1,000 things, but it’s when you physically prepare the way no matter how silly, tiny, or futile your efforts may seem – that 1,000 miracles will find you. 

Uga-chugga, Uga-chugga – 

    The Universe

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ® 

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 #312 magic 

The simplest things in life 

Are the most extraordinary 

Let them reveal themselves. 

            – Paulo Coelho 
There is magic in every little thing. 

Your very breath is magic 

You, showing up on this tiny planet, 

at this very time in history. 

The way the sun glints off your hair. 

The way the trees recognize you. 

The way a child can turn their head 

and plunge you into grief. 

it’s all miraculous. 

Einstein reminds us –

We have a choice in how we live. 

One of two ways – 

As if nothing 


As if everything 

Is miraculous. 

I’m so glad I chose to see the enchanted pathway. 

It’s always a fine day here. 

No matter what circumstance I find myself in. 

Magic abounds.  




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