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Genius is only one percent cleverness and ninety-nine percent a very long endurance. Keep going and never, ever give up.         – Ann Voskamp 


And it begins to happen and nothing could be truer than what Pascal said: “Instead of complaining that God had hidden himself, you will give Him thanks for having revealed so much of Himself.”
The darkness ebbs.
The shadows dim –
and all the trees and all the thankful, they ignite, seeing and believing the true colours of now. – Ann Voskamp


How can we be so blinded 

by what we say we want 

that we fail to see what we have

Closing our hands

Closing our hearts

Closing our eyes to what we already have

It’s tattooed all over the world

Engraved into our hands 

Sculpted, within us as our heart. 

Ringing as a clear bell,

the soul within us sounds continually. 

We refuse to see. 

We become angry, 

because it’s not about us. 

God does not obey our wishes,

Fails to bow to our immature and selfish demands

Live up to our ego-centric standards. 

We aim so low, puffed up in pride, 

Camouflaged by our speaking lies of our love

Love by our standards is always a rip-off,

built on selfishness. 

Built on, I want. 

Our words, sounding brass

Our tongues, full of venom

Our arms 

Our words, are as empty as our love 

Words can be weapons 

used in machine gun fashion 

to kill those in our line of fire,

usually those we live with,

claim to love most,

bleed the loudest red. 

Joy is different than fleeting laughter. 

Peace only comes through recognition of our place and repentance,

Opening closed fists. 

Softening hard hearts. 

Seeing with new vision. 

Cleaning the green off the leaves

to become 

our true colors of holy. 

Our true songs of glory. 

Our words finally carry real truth. 

Thankful awareness changes 


Only death can bring in next years harvest. 

We are all connected.

We are all in season. 



Listen to the Beatles sing Love is All You Need


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