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When you send forth your spirit, we are created

                  —Psalm 104.30

Holy One,

         breath of the big bang,

         idea of creation,

you who make spring come forth,

         who make life out of nothing,

breathe yourself into me.

         Create me.

you are the flame,

         I am your light.

You are the nerve,

         I am your muscle.

You are the Word,

         I am the story.

You are the song,

         I am the singing.

I am one with you

         and one with all Creation.

One Spirit, 

         one flesh, many forms.

In your Spirit 

         I am we.

Holy One, live in me;
         I am your body.

I remember,

         and I live. 


Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light


my words my world my earth my sky

   you are them all

my notes my music my score my song

    you are them all

my heart my soul my mind my life

   you are them all

my blood my breath my skin my bones

   you are them all 

everything I am everything I hope to be

    you are them all



Listen to Amos Lee sing Learned A Lot 

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[God] seems to delight in using the unexpected, the least likely, or the weakest link to turn our lives upside down and inside out . . . and fulfill the plan he has had in mind since the beginning of time.

~ Thelma Well




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