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shine on 

  This poem is not meant for you

unless you too have been 

choking on your life’s debris, and
playing peek-a-boo with death seriously 

then the surprise of ten thousand buttercups
out of nowhere on every side where 

never been before on my daily walk
might have had the effect on you it did on me 

because suddenly 

I wanted to understand how these particular

flowers came to be—the whole evolutionary
history of mosses, ferns and angiosperms,
the miracle of photosynthesis and

DNA, not 

to mention the longings of the Milky Way
to reflect itself in the form called flowers and
in these buttercups, which seemed like a
visitation from the sun, urging me to tell you, in 
case like me you had forgotten 

we are the universe’s latest way of blooming. 

Untitled [This Poem Is Not Meant for You] by Willow Harth







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