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we are all 

 We are challenged to love the unloveable
Do good to those who hate us
there is only one way to get this done –
To see myself as I am. 
It is what it is. 
I am the other. 
I am the unlovable. 
Only I know how much this is true,
full of lies and ego. 
I want to fight my way to the top,
crush those beneath. 
I want to do things my way. 
The earth to revolve around my desires. 
Under my self-pleasing ways,
I am afraid, 
because I know the truth. 
Yes, I am the unlovable
yet I am loved
I have experienced this love
and it has changed me,
at least parts of me,

I should say, 
It is changing me…
I have been overwhelmed by grace,
drowned in the goodness of love,
resurrected in loves fire. 
It has allowed me to see my imperfections,
accept them,
even laugh at them 
and challenged me to
admit the truth,
to change,
to open,
to die,
to become vulnerable,
to love myself and
to love others,
who are the unlovable as well

Only love can mend a heart
only love can break it in two –
or into a million pieces,
then turn it to gold
in order to allow this love to flow through the broken and scarred,
to heal the world,

wounded healers all,
by sharing this same great love
this loves which loves us all
Yes, we are all the unlovable
yet we are loved,
just as we are. 
ACL 8/28/13
photo sources found at 



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