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Where there is great love there are always miracles.     – Willa Cather


 For happiness

Unearthing what she is holding on to

Realizing fears that are not her own

Letting go of what she does not need

Making room for joy


The happier she is

The less she needs


The less she needs

The more room there is for happiness


It is not as easy as it sounds

To excavate her joy

To release fears that are not hers

To understand those that are

Then let go

Takes courage

Takes deep reflection


She has to remember

She has to accept

She has to take risks


For she lives in this world

Not in the yesterday

Not in the tomorrow

She has to live in today


Oh, deep in her heart she wants to make the best of it

Oh, deep in her soul she wants to be in love

Oh, deep in her mind she wants happiness



In order to decide what that is

She needs to get rid of the distractions

Remember what makes her happy

Find new joy

Explore new avenues

Seek new adventures

She needs to takes risks


Surrounded by what she is told

She must have

She must do

She must become

Gathering her courage

Gathering her thoughts

Gathering only that which she needs


She lets go of all that no longer serves her

Her home?

Her country?

Her way of life?

Her judgment?

Her perceptions?

Her conditioning?

What does she have?



Freedom to think

Freedom to move

Freedom to start again

Freedom to learn

Freedom to create

All that she desires





She becomes a pioneer of discovery

She takes risks


A Woman On Purpose

 Watch Soul Suckers by Amos Lee 💞


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