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oh the humanity

I am always amazed at the layers,
the levels, of the human experience.
The never ending,
ever evolving, devolving,
shifting, opening,
illumination, illusion-revealing,
conviction shattering, my gospel truth challenging,
deep calling to deep, border breaking,
darkness, light and color discovering, re-discovering.
This way of living I have stumbled onto – not because I’m so smart –
because I was given a priceless gift.
This surprising path
of a pilgrim,
of spiritual growth,
baby stepping my way to
healing, learning,
opening, Mystery,
always more.
Always re-defining the definitions
of love, abundance,
grace, healing,
truth, error,
good, evil,
joy, suffering,
prosperity, poverty,
spirit, spirituality,
life itself becoming more with each step.
My self righteousness becoming filthy rags
with every glimpse of my Creator, my Savior.
Sometimes I understand how Peter must have felt when he saw the great sheet of unclean animals come down before him.
When God asked him to kill and eat,
He, challenged with those same words I have heard from heaven –
“What I have named clean do not proclaim unclean.”
Challenging, very challenging, stuff.
The stuff of humility and opening.
Life changing-giving stuff.
We want to think we know, that we are right.
We want approval, to be able to judge.
We want to earn our way, be worthy.
It will never work. Thankfully.
Then we catch a tiny glimpse and we fall on our knees,
breathless, undone,
aware of our need, our misplaced vanity,
stripped of our pride…our shoes,
amazed by what we have encountered, changed forever, always beloved,
full, yet ever thirsty for more – God…

ACL 2014



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