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We are God’s thread
weaving through the tapestry of life,
our masterpiece is slowly
Potential for beauty, we can’t know,
or even fathom,
revealing our glory
so bright
it makes the sun squint
and reach for sunglasses.
Grace producing brilliance
so far beyond what we would claim ourselves.
We step shining into the gray,
as we open to the new.
Virtues, like jewels appearing,
sparkling in the moonlight.
As we step into the needle’s eye,
off the edge of the known,
into spirit worlds unending,
the angels catch their breath,
cheering our sheer audacity,
our blazing garments,
dazzled by the vision
God is revealing through His creation.
As we surrender to the greatest mystery,
the beauty we inhabit
becomes us,
walking in humble clay,
eyes outshining those stars
set in the heavens,
until we totally disappear, and all that’s left
is holiness
so pure
all we can do
bow in wonder
at what God can do
with a fragile human.
We give thanks
as the silk thread
becomes liquid
gold and silver
opening us ever
deeper, wider
pure and simple
as we realize our place.
We are the temple of our creator.
The home of God.

ACL 1/ 19/14



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