life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

find your place

In the Breach

Wander wonder restless
Amidst the novels
Travel and Mystery

Search seek anxious
Through aisles of Philosophy
Religion, Science Fiction

Table nooks filled with laptop fingertips typing
Comfy chairs hold readers’ captivated eyes

Where do I belong?
(Do I belong?)


A solitary empty table, alone, waiting
Waiting for my laptop fingertips and captivated eyes,
Waiting for my restless anxiety
Waiting for dress-up dreams
And therapy themes

The only open space here-
-here with Maya, Rumi, Berry and Bertoldt Brecht, Love Poems.
Poetry, of course,
For (I’ve been told) I am a poet.





I settle scatter my stuff
(Stuff stuff, soul stuff)
Upon this table
Organically absorb the whimsy, truth, courage
Filling all these crisp closed silent
pages, pages, pages….
in book after book after book….
shelf, shelf, shelf… self

Shhh…they whisper nudge, silent
while, in the breach,
Jackson Browne sings.

~ro, 11/18/14



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