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stuck in the blues

I get stuck in silly things,
like rainy days
when my phone rings.
I get stuck in parking spaces,
And in hugs of biblical proportion.
I get stuck in the desperation of
empty wallets,
and gas tanks,
and stomachs.
and stalkers,
and water bills,
and all sorts of little ordinary things.
Some days I just get stuck in bed,
covers all up o’er my head,
‘I cant get up’, I tell my clock,
‘Cause I am stuck,
so just shut up.’
I get stuck when my pillow gets hot,
or when it’s cold and I cry
and ice sickles hang from my eyelashes.
I get stuck on random things,
like boots and shoes
and onion rings,
when socks don’t match,
or there’s no cream
for my coffee,
or my pie.
I get stuck
when stupid songs stick in my head –
The ones I just don’t want to sing.
I get stuck when I think about what I want,
instead of what I have.
I get stuck in ‘a few more minutes…’
or when another year goes by,
reminding me,
I might get stuck dancing…
at your wedding to someone else,
or on your grave,
or in a dream about Madonna, and bananas
and a cat who likes to pray.
I get stuck eating meatball subs,
and pumpkin muffins with extravagant amounts of butter.
Sometimes I get stuck in the blues
I know it’s sad,
yet mighty true,
the hardest times to get unstuck,
are when my mind gets stuck on you…
Stuck on you…
Stuck on you…
Yes I get stuck…
St……stuck on you…,

ACL 11/12/12



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