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Never be afraid of the breaking things — because if you let it come, it will come that even the breaking things will break — and then you will finally break free. – Ann Voskamp

You’ll notice it on the way out the nursing home door, how that something that’s been broken in you — is starting to break. Let it come.
– Ann Voskamp

the only way to get through the dark
is to…

put one foot in front of the other,
just keep walking,
sit down and rest when you need to,
just sit there,
head down
on a squishy pillow.
cry when you need to,
as hard,
as loud,
as long as you need.
let it spill,
soak the covers,
(blow nose as needed).
allow it to be dark,
even as you wait for morning.
don’t fight the dark,
just let it be what it is
let go,
float on the river of grace,
and hope.
look to God,
and God alone.
while you are there,
in the darkest dark,
learn to die,
surrender to the cross,
know this death
is the door to freedom.

ACL 8/14/13



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