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beyond the fear

“I was afraid but
 that is the beauty of past 
tense. It’s over now.”
– Amanda Helm

The simplest things in life
Are the most extraordinary
Let them reveal themselves.
– Paulo Coelho

There is magic in every little thing.
Your very breath is magic.
You, showing up on this tiny planet,
at this very time in history,
purest magic.
The way the sun glints off your hair,
The way the trees recognize you,
all magically-like.
The way a child can turn their head
and plunge you into instant grief,
the deepest-darkest magic.
It’s all about perspective.
Einstein reminds us,
We have a choice in how we live.
One of two ways –
As if nothing
As if everything
Is miraculous!

I’m so glad,
so extremely blessed by,
that moment I chose to see the enchanted pathway.
It’s always a fine day here.
No matter the circumstance I find myself in,
Magic abounds.
And somewhere,
along this bewitching, musical, star strewn, pathway,
I forgot to be afraid anymore.
ACL 11/22/13

Light of Dawn, awaken me,
that I may always be mindful of You.

Warmth of the sun, fill me,
that I may radiate the love of Christ.

Breeze of wisdom, give me breath,
that all I say may be true and loving.

Embracing earth, receive me,
that I may always forgive.

Songs of birds, delight me,
that I may sing joy, sing joy.

Falling rain and growing grass remind me
that I live and die into You.

Flesh of my body, rejoice,
for I am Your vessel, I am alive,
I am here.
Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light





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