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aging gracefully

When I get old
I wonder if I will hide my stuff in weird places.
Will someone cleaning out my living space
find things like
my baptismal certificate from 1932
in a plastic Oil of Olay box
mixed with various items
like eyebrow pencils,
miscellaneous change,
and various sizes of
finger nail clippers?
Will I place a baby hair brush
in a bag wrapped in paper towels
with coffee filters
and refrigerator magnets of all sorts?
Will I hide my telephone and address book under my mattress,
and my bills under the bathroom sink?
Will I buy more shampoo than I have years left to use it all,
and put cans of soup in my entertainment center?
What will I do when i get old?
I’m sure it will be eccentric and unusual.
I’m sure it will seem totally understandable to me
when I put my socks and underwear in the bathtub
and keep my kitchen cabinets completely empty.

ACL 5/24/13






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2 thoughts on “aging gracefully

  1. Never thought of that before… yes, laughing does indeed make wrinkles in all the right places. Think of the most beautiful of old men and old women you have known. The smiles are warm, the look is understanding, there is no hint of judgment, the eyes sparkle. I am smiling here now as I think “thank you”…

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