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the sky is varying shades
of pale baby blue.
the water is like a silver mirror,
endless beautiful.
the same rocks that glittered
like a million diamonds,
just yesterday,
are silent today.
big dependable rocks,
ready for Monday work week.
still the same.
still awesome.
still beautiful.
just in a different mood.
today the brilliant emerald moss
on those huge rocks,
in the metallic mercury,
glow against the silver.
I think of Ireland.
my heart yearns to visit
the Emerald Isle
on the other side of this pond.
life is different there,
yet the same.
I watch as the oyster boat trolls.
a heron waits,
until just the right moment –
then takes off,
flying so close to the water.
on and on
until I lose him in the horizon.
I feel him.
I am waiting for my moment.
resting for the next phase of flight.
and in the fullness of time,
at just the right moment,
I will take a breath and
staying close to the water,
my source of life,
as the epic journey home
My heart knows one thing for sure –
my love story has
a very happy ending

AL 4/15/13

Morning light, green shoot,
door quietly opening,

what dawns upon you
that hadn’t before,

pilgrimage toward this moment,
first step at the Red Sea,

so much left behind,
and what abides,

and who,
and what is not yet,

what you have and
what will be provided,

divine promise,
its keeping yet to come,

new, and yet from of old
prepared, awaited,

led into the room
already set for you,

without your being able to know
what blessing is in store,

how you are needed here,
what grace is about to unfold.

First day of school.
Let there be light.
Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light



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