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miracles of losing

I lost my shadow to find myself
I lost my house to find my home
I lost my money to find my value
I lost my motherhood to find my children
I lost my belongings to find my treasure
I lost my song to find my words
I lost my words to find my silence
I lost my illusions to find my voice
I lost my ego to find my truth
I lost my knowing to understand
I lost my anger to find my peace
I lost all my people to find my friends
I lost my insecurity to find my joy
I lost my surety to find my mystery
I lost my perfect to find my human
I lost my dogma to find my divine
I lost my seeing to find my sight
I lost my pride to find my beauty
I lost my fear to find my faith
I lost my religion to find my love
I lost the world to find eternity
I lost my failure to find my victory
I lost my light to find my dark
I lost my dark to find my fire
I lost my will to find my life
I lost my life to be reborn

Sometimes you have to lose everything you think is most important,
to find what really is.

AL 8/22/14



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2 thoughts on “miracles of losing

  1. You didn’t “lose” all this. You gave it all up. There’s a BIG difference.

    • lifeaaa on said:

      Thank you, Mary, for the distinction! Yes, it was a surrender of what I thought was valuable to find what is truly valuable. The loss and grief are a by-product of the learning process and I am truly grateful for what I have ‘lost’ and what I have gained. I can also add to that list many other things, including: I lost my reputation to find my integrity! It may be my most important gain!

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