life: acoustic & amplified

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shades of grace

we free fall into love
from the edges of a heartbeat
only if we are willing to let go
and fly into far flung galaxies
love creates explorers
grace births daredevils
danger for love’s sake becomes us
makes us beautiful,
willing to fall off the solid
into the unknown
trusting that what we need at this very moment
is being born in the breath we share
our tears becoming elegant harmonies
in the music being written
which never ends
and is always being reborn
the higher and freer it falls

AL 8/22/14

And love is ultimately not a trite good feeling, but a steady current of quiet actions that could carry the loved person toward ultimate good.

Love is stubbornly praying for your ‘enemies’ till you see ‘enemies’ are illusions & God makes everyone grace in your life: a friend.

Maybe the world and every thing we see, maybe none of it is only black and white —
but more beautifully complicated, diverse shades of a transforming grace.
– Ann Voskamp


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