life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

the dark show

There was a definite cracking sound
It came from that place inside
Secret Deep
Like the milky way
Or the center of the earth
Or heaven
More possibly hell
– At least half way to one
or all
of those places
Like winter ice in the springtime thaw
The sound was unmistakeable
Now I feel it moving outward
from that secret place
Like an inchworm
Made of glass
Or razor blades
I wonder if half of me will
Melt down onto the floor
Like a bizarre murder in an action movie
Where the camera stays still
to catch
The guy who just got slashed through
From the sword of justice
Looking normal
for suspended moments
The smile still on his lips
One piece slides to the floor
While the other stays upright
To the delight
of the eager
audience –
All of whom I know




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