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“Faith is not trusting God to get something; faith is trusting God when there seems to be nothing left. When everything is gone, with no hope of restoration; when there is nothing on which to base one’s faith; then, can you still trust God?” If the answer is ‘yes’, then you have the victory! because faith IS the victory!!
– Buell Kazee
Faith is the Victory

Into the deepest darkness
Into the belly of hell
Within the circle of silence
Far inside my soul
Places I’ve never seen before
Didn’t know existed
The mystery of the spirit
Where death resides
Fearful places
Cracking open
So secret I want to flee
Afraid of this place
Am I here alone?
Am I still breathing?
Now I cry with Christ,
‘My God, My God,
Why have You forsaken me?’
What if I can’t escape?
What if death wins?
I know how weak I am without You
Weeks later I begin to see
The victory is already Yours
You were there
You were always there
The stone is slowly rolling
Hope rises
As darkness trembles
I kneel at the tomb door
My own borrowed tomb
Wisdom I was sure of
I leave
bound tightly,
discarded on the pile
to be burned
those old grave clothes I shed
creating space
for this unnamable, devastating grace
Trembling as I rise
I notice my limp
I am forever changed

AL 12/23/12


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