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At the end of the day: do others feel loved in your presence? This is the spiritual bottom line. – Masin Kipp


I have walk long and alone. I have sought truth in my life and I have been careful about sharing it with others – even in my closest relationships.
I thought it was mainly because of the dogma of fundamentalism I grew up in, but I have recently discovered it is mainly because of the rejection, control, verbal, mental and sexual abuse I have been through.

Holding my truth, my way of living as sacred to me was my way of protection.
I am seeking to be more open, more honest with my truth, open myself in new ways in close relationships. I must admit, it is somewhat terrifying – which makes me know it’s the right thing.

As I walk into this brave new place I am aware of all that has brought me here, and I am grateful for all of my learning which allows me to step into this personal place of revealing my naked truths to others. I believe in the importance of it. I believe it is the only way I will truly overcome the shadows, wounds and pain of my life and come into the fullness of joy in my life.

Life is a process. Only love can break a heart. Only love can mend it again.
We are here for both parts – IF we will step into the place which will allow us to fly and be free – even with patched up, broken and battered wings.




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