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What is to give light must endure burning. – Victor Frankl


The wheat behind the orchard’s come into full head. It’s turning itself into pure gold. Things like this actually do become possible in the surrender.

Maybe just —Surrendering to time and what comes lets miraculous things happen.

Time unfolds that too: Never have I lived with anything as bewildering my own soul.

There is faith that in the midst of the setbacks, God is setting up everything for the comeback of your joy.

Who knows what tomorrow brings, what the sky will have blow in? Who knows what questions will rise like unexpected storm clouds, what questions will still remain? The yield always only comes in the yield.

The Farmer nods toward the fields in the thickening dark, “We’re all just living in a sea of faith.”

And for days afterwards, when I feel like I am drowning in questions and news and life, it rings me, like the answering song of the surrendered wind chimes—

That is all — we are all just living in a sea of faith.
– Ann Voskamp
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What happens in the burn
when we are slowly dying
in the blaze of life’s most trying circumstances?
When our expectations go unfulfilled,
and everything we ever loved
is taken away?
What will we allow the fire to teach us?
What will we hold onto?
What will we let go of?
When the fire finally burns out
and someone blows the ashes
away from our remains.
Will they find light?
Will they find gold?

AL 4/19/13



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