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surrender song

A seminary professor once asked his students, “What is the most important word in the New Testament?”

The students’ responses varied: “Love.” “Salvation.” “Redemption.” “Forgiveness.” The professor shook his head at each. He contended that the most important word is “let.” Three letters held together with an electrical charge.

“Let” is a word that pleads with us to throw open some door inside ourselves to what God wants to do in us and for us. “Let” is an invitation, an appeal to the heart, an appeal to the will. “Let” in Col. 3:16 doesn’t stand alone in the Greek; it is one word with “dwell”: letdwell. Allow the Word of Christ to dwell in you richly. Practice ‘surrender’.

Jean Fleming
Pursue the Intentional Life


It is easier to be true to convictions formed in a vivid religious experience than to be true to Jesus Christ, because if we are going to be true to Jesus Christ our convictions have to be altered.
– Oswald Chambers


oh this love
that will not let me go
oh this love
it heals and makes whole
oh this love
forever I will sing
of this love
of my redeemer

oh this love
this beauty I cannot deny
oh this love
it makes my spirit fly
oh this love
I live it every day
oh this love
it changes everything

and I give You
all the glory
every day in every way
and my life is not my own now
I belong to You alone

(all to Jesus I surrender)

AL 6/19/14


Glorious Love,
I let it all go now,
I let myself go.

An old tree disappearing
into the forest floor.
A whole closet cleared out.

All that I cling to,
what I wanted to do and to be,
the very who of me

I let fall into your hands,
die into your glory,
breathe out.

All day long I will wait
for the life you will give me,
for the I you will have me become

to rise at your touch,
to emerge from your breathing in me,
created in the moment,

not by my choosing,
not the old way, but a new life,
Christ raised, whole, in me.

I breathe out.
I wait.
I breathe in.
Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light


For some time I thought there was time
and that there would always be time
for what I had a mind to do
and what I could imagine
going back to and finding it
as I had found it the first time
but by this time I do not know
what I thought when I thought back then
there is no time yet it grows less
there is the sound of rain at night
arriving unknown in the leaves
once without before or after
then I hear the thrush waking
at daybreak singing the new song

“The New Song” by W. S. Merwin


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