life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

spring assignment


I will step out of my comfort zone
I will step into ugly waterproof overshoes
I will put on no make or do my hair
I will hurt
and be bruised
and drop tired
and push my body well beyond my known limits
I will plant 504 begonias in one day and beam with happy
I will try to follow along and be strong
I will learn as much as I can each and every day
I will devour chili-cheese dogs for lunch without shame
I will pray and praise the brilliance of this emerald striped circus world
with the ever-shifting, magical, blue and white sky big top above
I will get up early and lay down the same
I will soak long and often in hot tubs of Epsom Salts
I will find my peace and do my best
and then I will let go
over and over
I will share myself and my faith at every opportunity
I will love my way forward to my next assignment
in full satisfaction of this good work my body has done
and what my mind has overcome.







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