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what saves us


This is a story of love, not a deal,
no scheme to save us with someone else’s blood,
no holy slaughter, no means, no demand.

It’s not God’s choice that a savior suffer:
that’s ours alone. This is the story of our evil
and God’s invasion of love.

The Gentle One comes among us,
our certainty, our betrayal, our violence,
and offers only love.

He invites to dinner those who will deny him,
offers the place of honor to the one who will betray him,
offers us himself.

To our self-absorption he offers his body;
to our sin he offers forgiveness.
In the anguish and chaos he offers prayer.

To our judgment and violence he offers healing.
To our death he offers life.
It is this simple: to our evil he offers love.

It is not his suffering that saves, don’t be fooled.
It’s his self-giving, his love, his forgiveness.
Even in our worst sin, God will only love.

God’s will is simply to love.
There is only love.
This is what saves us.

For our perfect rebellion, our total rejection,
our deepest hate and violence, there is only love.
There is only love.
Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light



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