life: acoustic & amplified

poetry, quotes & thoughts about life

what will we do with our one wild and precious life?


a photograph
a memory
a poem
a song
a kiss
a touch
a slap
a smile
a frown
a gift
a word –
of love or hate or truth or lie
all are vivid pictures
memorials in a lifetime
of moments never to be forgotten
snapshots of a single frame in time
just a shutter length
never to be here again
yet never to be gone
always within us
where they live forever
we live forward
becoming all those moments
as we grow
with each opportunity
we become
more or less
we gain courage and live with integrity
or we remain hidden
we make these choices every instant we live –
every moment ours to decide:
to be,
or not to be?
yes, Mr. Shakespeare,
that, is still, the question.

AL 2/27/14



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