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real love changes your lifestyle


There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18

When love’s got hold of you, there isn’t a lie in the universe that can hold you, or pull you apart.

Let the broken say: when you’re bruised by lies, believe truth and whisper it louder: I am my beloved’s.
– Ann Voskamp

There are bees all over
making love to the lavender
I, the daughter of Eve,
think about my bad choices.
revel in grace abundant,
that gently saves me from my self.
shy sunflowers
remind me of forgiveness.
the garden gnome and the smiling turtles
remind me of when I tried so hard.
nothing was easy.
I worked for two.
carrying a load made to share.
Love…is a holy experience
Yes and Amen!
so is life!

the sparkling red bird feeder
keeps reminding me
to stop trying so hard.
I never ever need to –
the birds come,
when it’s full they eat;
when it’s empty they fly
to find provision
at the next place.
there is provision.
they never whine or complain –
just fly!

the cool breeze makes me smile.
I think about sharing the empty chair
with someone
who prays for me.
who prays with me.
who could sit in silent company
with me.
breathing it all in.
loving it all out.
speaking these miracles
in new ways, to open me
to more wonder,
while sharing
the same heart,
the same thirst.

There’s intimacy in the air tonight
God is walking with me
in the cool of the evening
Eden is ch-ch-changing
Welcoming me home.
Well done, my child
passion flames in the gathering dusk.
the mystery is growing ever larger.
our possibilities are unlimited.

AL 7/11/13



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