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“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.” – Pema Chodron


The sky in my rearview
is a huge bowl of rainbow sherbet
the beautiful kind of flavor-ite.
I love eating
that certain shade of raspberry, orange n lime
swatches of lemon, indigo and periwinkle
float in and out
At one point a bold, red-gold-tangerine fills the top of the hilly crest
and head light ‘stars’ of Friday night traffic
blaze brilliant against the backdrop,
indigo stretches wide above,
high, cut-thru mountains frame the sides as I drive,
framing this unending sky-filling masterpiece
– I lose my breath in wonder.
At times I find it hard to keep moving forward
into the matt gray and dirty white
of drudgery ahead.
with so much loveliness going on
right behind me.
How can it be so different at the same time?
How can this reflection be so clear?
how can I keep heading away from it?
How can I not be a part of this splendor?
How can I not be enveloped,
consumed by this color?
Eventually midnight blue seizes its moment of glory,
then night falls over all the world I can see on any side,
and I am left
aching with the beauty,
the majesty,
the extravagant display,
the glorious wonder,
of this wonderful world.
The ache gets deeper,
I go to wondering
if this longing for the kiss,
which should have been,
will ever be answered?
if my whole life
I will wait
for a moment which passed,
never to be realized under this piece of ever-changing sky –
always a whisper in my soul.
This magic of first love,
a thing with wings
hovering over my heart
for another 38 years –
echoing on into eternity.

AL 1/25/14


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