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surrender to the longing of our hearts

Let us be the answer to Your prayer with others. We are all seeking to know You. Our deepest part. Our most intimate longing is to know we are loved. That we are whole. That we are enough. That we are ok in being less than perfect, than what others, and our own longing hearts, want us to be. Our greatest fear is that we are not enough.
Allow us to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that You love every tiny part of us that. That You created us to know our own value and beauty. That we are truly Your beloved.
And as we know this amazing truth from You, allow us to share that astounding, life changing, truth with everyone You bring to us. Allow us to live You in every heart beat, so that what we have come to know by heart will go on as harvest and the world will be changed and healed with every light that shines into every darkness. Let us be Your city on a hill so that Your grace pours down around our ears and drowns us in glory and goodness. Thank You for loving us so much. Help us to live like we believe.



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