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falling floating hearts

08eeab370e3b47112c1e9cca7a0b0efeTrees are the best invention I know of
They are some of the best friends I have
anam cara
 – soul friends
Now I have gone and fallen in love,
I am having a passionate love affair with a tree
His name is Shaun
meaning –
Yahweh is gracious
This morning we talk over coffee,
I watch him shed his leaves,
all golden and copper coins
filling the earth beneath him,
floating where they will
riches and abundance everywhere.
Mom and Pop Squirrel are having a morning romp in his branches,
as the wind gently blows through his lovely golden crown.
He catches my attention
with a single leaf on a branch
shaped as a heart
waving at me
and then I realize there are dozens (maybe more)
heart shaped leaves hanging at every angle
all over him –
it’s very romantic.
I tell him I love him and always will.
I will be leaving him soon and I will miss him
But we will always be connected
We will both accept
We will both continue to live
And to love each other
We will both continue in our own seasons
hearts freely letting go in love
Each standing in our own place
Weathering storms
Accepting all that comes
Aware and grateful
To our creator
willing vessels in His hands
Until we meet again
as we both kiss the same sky
we both gaze at the same moon
at the very same instant

AL 11/7/13


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